About Me


My name is Corey Rozenboom.  As the President of North Iowa FIRST, Inc. and Field Manager for the corn and soybean testing regions located across northern Iowa, I encourage you to look through this blog for insight of the most recent happenings across each testing site in north Iowa.  I welcome your feedback and comments.

Since graduating Dordt College in 2004 with a B.A. in Agriculture: Plant Science, I have been directly involved in managing and field testing major crops across the mid-west from both public universities and private companies.  After graduating from K-State University in 2006 with a Masters degree in Agronomy: Plant Genetics, I went to work for Pioneer Hi-Bred Int'l, Inc. testing and developing soybean varieties within the Product Development department of the company. 

I have been involved in agriculture my entire life since growing up on a family farm near Oskaloosa, IA, going off to school for an education in agriculture, and ultimately following my interests in crop research.  In 2010, the decision was made to pursue a crop testing business of our own in North Iowa which enabled us to be closer to family - especially as our own family continued to grow.

The face of agriculture and the seed industry will continue to change over time.  As I have learned from farmers over the years, having the right information at the right time is the key choosing the right products for the right fields, increase yields and increase profits.   With so many seed genetics on the market and in development for coming years, it remains my vision to relay accurate and unbiased information that directly affects decisions farmers make on their own farms.  To that end I invite you to use the information in FIRST reports in your own seed selection decisions.