Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Testing Plans have Started

Planning for 2015 FIRST tests has begun! Applications for seed companies interested in entering corn & soybean products into all FIRST testing regions are now available. Contact me for a complete application or to answer any questions concerning the testing process. I'd be glad to help!

More farmers in Iowa are able to view the FIRST harvest reports than ever before. In addition to all Performance Summaries and Harvest Reports always available at FIRSTSeedTests.com, These publishers have done a fine job of printing FIRST reports across Iowa.

Farm Journal
Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman
Iowa Farmer Today
Farm News
Midwest Producer

Tens of thousands of farmers view FIRST harvest reports and summaries from northern Iowa testing regions.

As Field Manager for FIRST testing in northern Iowa and northern Nebraska, it is my privilege to serve alongside a network of knowledgeable farmers in these regions to make the FIRST tests a success!

IANO Ultra-Early (95-100 CRM) Accepts traited and conventional (non-GMO)
IANW Early & Full (101-110 CRM) Accepts traited and conventional (non-GMO)
IANC Early & Full (101-110 CRM) Accepts traited and conventional (non-GMO)
NENE Early & Full (105-114 CRM) Accepts RR traited products

IANO Early & Full (1.8-2.5 RM)
IANW Early & Full (2.1-2.8 RM)
IANC Early & Full (2.1-2.8 RM)
NENE (2.6-3.4 RM)